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RTL8139A 10/100-BaseT Fast Ethernet Card (PCI) $14.95 [Order] [Checkout]
This is a Fast Ethernet Card, consists of a Realtek 8139A chip and one RJ45 Port. It supports 100-BaseT and 10-BaseT, auto-sensing, Bus Master DMA. Support Wake-up On Lan feature.

HB-GFH-08S: 8-port 10/100BaseTX Stackable Hub $149.50 [Order] [Checkout]
This is a stackable (upto 6 units) 100Base-TX Ethernet Hub. It equipped with 8 RJ-45 connectors supporting IEEE802.3u 100Base-TX specification over Category 5 twisted-pair cabling. The port #8 can serve as daisy-chain port to extend the network. 4 Status LEDs to indicate Power,Collision, Per- port Link and Partition. Input power 100 to 240 VAC. Dimension: 220mmL x 124mmW x 50.5mmH. CABLE NOT INCLUDED
GDH24SB: 24 Port 10/100BaseT(X) Hub with Bridge
24-port Stackable Dual-Speed (10Base-T / 100Base-TX)Hub with Bridge. Providing flexible, cost effective connectivity solution for Fast Ethernet as well as 10-BaseT Ethernet. It supports IEEE802.3 and 803.3u standards. Ipute Power 100 to 240VAC 50/60Hz autoswitched. Power consumption= 24 Watts max. Dimension= 17.3" x 6.7" x 1.7". Cable not included.
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CBLSHB: External Cable for Stackable Hub
External Cable for Stackable Hub or Bridge.
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Sar-1201fb.jpg 10/100BaseT Dual-Line Dial-up Router w/ 8-port Hub
This Fast Ethernet Dial-up Router offers 8 ports of dual-speed Ethernet (10/100BaseT) interface and Dual serial ports for two external modem connections. Only one IP account with only one phone line is required. Optional second modem with second phone line doubles the bandwidth of the Internet browsing, or allows remote users to dial-in and access LAN (security features included). External Modem not included.
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SDH-800fb.jpg 10-BaseT Broadband Bridge / Cable Router with 4-port Hub
The Broadband Gateway/Cable Router offers 4 ports of 10Mbps Ethernet interface and one Gateway port for connecting to Cable Modem or xDSL Modem. Only one IP account with only one cable modem or xDSL modem is required. (Cable Modem or xDSL Modem not included)
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